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Authentic is proud to welcome our newest client, hello energy.

Imagine a building that contributes positively to human health and wellbeing.”

Like ourselves, Kees van Alphen and Benno Schwarz dream of energy positive buildings.
hello energy proves that sustainability and engagement can go hand in hand. Companies can increase employee engagement by incorporating sustainability into the worksite.

“With hello energy, everyone can learn about your building’s many innovative features and is actively involved in reducing its carbon footprint every day.”

hello energy enables you to easily track and manage energy and carbon performance across all your buildings and sites. Their dashboard enables you to easily identify areas of improvement, such as targeting energy efficiency measures, and helping stakeholders to understand the benefits of becoming carbon-neutral.

Benchmarking your building and portfolio performance to the industry standards is every company’s responsibility. hello energy makes compliance easy while simultaneously helping businesses save money and increase the value of their building and portfolio.

Their innovative software also allows you to set up incentives and rewards for stakeholders who are actively engaging in reducing your carbon footprint. It is a fantastic way to track your progress and report on the sustainability goals of your business.

In short, hello energy is the perfect tool to help you take your organisation to net-zero carbon.
Click here to say hello to your energy today!

We are always eager to offer our services to help clients reach their goals and further enhance their presence in their respective fields. If you have any questions or would like more information about our services, please contact Authentic today.

We look forward to working with you.

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