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“70% of the projects fail at the start without prior validation” – KPMG
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Why would you need
an MVP?

To check feasibility

There is no sense in making a fully working product (I mean, how do you even know what that is yet) until you’re sure that all the features are technically possible. Test Scalability, test 3rd party integrations and measure results in a controlled experiment.

To gain feedback

Initial customer research is hardly enough to risk with the whole project budget. Testing your idea with one or many MVPs can get you valuable feedback from customers and users.

To raise funds

Venture capitals, high net worth individuals and even Angel investors are finding it harder to give investments based on an idea alone. You are more than likely going to have to prove that you are putting you are making progress and have made your first steps towards solving your problem statement or hypothesis.

Create the right
MVP – Minimum Viable Product

Many founders are confused about the use of MVP and even often make the mistake of thinking that the initial investment in a quickly delivered, often a little rough around the edges MVP product is overkill and dive immediately into building a “complete” product based on their Idea.

According to the KPMG “Project started without prior validation fail 70% of the time.”

We have tailored the process of learning and building from a very quickly built minimum viable product to get feedback from selected users as fast as possible to ensure founders are truly solving the problem that they are trying to address with the smallest amount of investment possible.

Authentic Technologies will place a highly experienced product team to work with you either as a new unit or blended with your team to learn, test and build the MVP you need to succeed.

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